Hero Elementary community

Sparks' Crew are a class of students at Hero Elementary School. They are the main characters of the series, and the protectors of Citytown.

The crew is just one out of many classes at Hero Elementary, and are distinguished by the blue spark insignia on the chest area of their shirts.

Their fingerless glove bracer gauntlets are red.


  • Lucita Sky, the leader of the team. She's empathetic and has the power to fly, but also a fear of heights.
  • Benny Bubbles is a loyal and protective animal lover with a heart of gold. He has the power to generate bubbles.
  • Sara Snap is tiny, but mighty, and has super strength and the power to teleport anywhere with a snap of her fingers. She's the brawn of the group.
  • AJ Gadgets is the brains of the group, who is passionate about all things "super" and has thought projection powers. He also can whip up any gadget the situation calls for.
  • Mr. Sparks is the teacher of the team. It's unknown if he has powers, but he's quirky, enthusiastic, and eager to teach the kids new things.
  • Fur Blur is the team pet, with an epic appetite and super speed.